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So the veterans of the Fourth Battle of Bullrun aren't pulling into Manassas, VA tonight, but rather Kansas City, MO, after bombing down from Chicago via Saint Louis, presumably not stopping to check out the legendary screen door of Belleville, IL. Alex Roy has been aggregating anecdotes for us, and after the jump, we aggregate further.

First in? The Johannsen-piloted Magnaflow RS4. And hot on his vapor trails were the Porsche 911 GT2 driven by Tove Christensen, with Rob Ferretti in the SuperSpeeders Ford GT in third. What's more, Ferretti has now collected three tickets. Thankfully, we are not his underwriter.

Meanwhile, Rob Rill of Team Darkcyde (whose support Navigator, driven by Jason Garber, pulled into KCMO in fourth) claims that this is the heaviest law-enforcement presence he's experienced on any rally, corroborating Richard Rawlings' earlier report, as well as seven-rally veteran Nicholas Frankl's assertion that he'd never seen such a "harvesting season" as far as tickets go.

Speaking of the Frankls, Wonder Twin Annabelle was accosted for hitting 106 mph, and Frankl's report was actually issued to Alex Roy while he was following the police cruiser to the station in their Z06 with Annabelle handcuffed in the back.


Meanwhile, the Stude is semi-offically toast at this point, with Haller and Ward motoring along in Skiny's A6 4.2. and the Studebaker most likely to finish the journey back to Los Angeles in Richard Rawlings' Gas Monkey Garage trailer. More Bullrun badness to follow. Keep clicking back.

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