Bullitt Chase Sequence Mapped, Proves a Tough Route

Most car guys have watched the legendary chase sequence in the movie Bullitt enough times to have it memorized, but have you ever tried driving it? Our guess is that if you tried it and succeeded, you must have an early copy of the Moller M200 because unfortunately the route is impossible. An intrepid Google user with the tag mthaeg has gone to the trouble of matching the movie to the roads of the bay area, and despite the greatness of the chase, it isn't based in reality. It seems the footage was filmed in nine different locations all over San Francisco. While this in no way diminishes the greatness of the 1968 Peter Yates classic, it does make recreating it with your own Mustang Bullitt and Charger SRT-8 that much more difficult. Click through for the map or go directly to to Google maps page for much more detail.

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Jeff Glucker

@ash78: It amazes me that people out here will not cross unless they have the walk sign blazing...

My wife and I will walk up to an intersection and if there are clearly no cars coming, we cross... much to the disbelief of astonished SoCal onlookers.

Scariest place I have been for crossing the street... Downtown Montreal. If you are going to go you better time it!