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You there! Do you sit alone all day in a darkened room, softly crying because the Honda S2000 is dead? I have great news for you! No, it's not coming back. The news isn't that good. The news is that even though Honda won't make us an S2000, you can make your own for free. Out of paper!


Our pals over at Honda Parts Online have this great paper model of an S2000 CR that you can download, print out, cut out and put together with your bare hands. Honda won't build us an S2000, but you can do it yourself! Get it for free here. It comes to them from the genius behind Paper Cruiser, which has a ton of other paper models to download.


The S2000 CR, or Club Racer, came towards the end of the S2000's tenure and featured goodies like a removable hard top, lighter weight, an aero kit and a revised suspension. It made an already excellent car even better and it remains one of the cars Honda-philes miss the most.

Key features of the paper S2000, according to the site, include that it doesn't even use gasoline, can be hooned as much as you want without it costing you any money, and has no emissions.

Now you have something to instead of cry alone: fill your house with thousands of paper S2000s! That's way healthier than what you were doing before, kind of!

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