Both cars are indisputably awesome. Hell, both are in our Fantasy Garage. One has a BMW V12 that in standard tune is good for 627 hp, with other more bat guano iterations easily hitting 680 hp and 244 mph. Of course the other has an 8.0-liter VW mill with 16 cylinders and 4 turbochargers and I-can't-count-that-high many intercoolers and radiators. Seriously dude, the hand brake has a cooler. Bottom line: more than 1,000 hp. Each vehicle represents one man's vision of the very best car in the world. In the case of McLaren, that man happens to be Formula 1 maestro Gordon Murray. With the Veyron, that man is Ferdinand Piech, a gonzo engineer whose Porsche 917 was so dominating that it killed Cam-Am. You might make the argument that the Bugatti is too heavy, but even Murray himself was surprised and impressed by how well the Veyron handled. The only legitimate argument we'll leave you with one way or the other is that in bone stock form, the Veyron is way faster than the heavily modified, record setting F1. Of course, who cares?


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