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Bugatti, a maker of rapidly-moving motor carriages targeted at people who could also afford to buy, say, a locomotive if they so chose, revealed, via an interview with their president, Stephan Winkelmann, that an upcoming next Bugatti would have a body style that’s “is not today on the market.” What the hell could he be talking about?

The interview was with Motor1, and the full quote is

“It’s clear that when you think about the second [Bugatti] model you always have to see what [the body style could be]. Believe me, we really looked into every detail of the body style and I think that there is one that is very promising for a company like Bugatti. [It’s a body style] which is not today on the market.”


A body style not on the market today? That’s an exciting idea. It’s tricky to figure out what this could possibly mean, too. I try to think about new body styles all the time, and it’s not easy, especially for the target market that Bugatti operates in.

Could they be thinking of a cab-over supercar? Probably not. A double-bed pickup? Almost certainly not. A car where no passengers hips touch? I doubt it.

What’s not currently on the market that Bugatti could possibly try? My one sort-of plausible guess is perhaps something like a one-box supercar, sort of like an even more high-end and outlandish Renault Aventime.


I don’t believe there are any premium one-box coupés on the market today, so maybe Bugatti could be planning some ultra-luxo thing like that.

But who the hell knows? This is Bugatti—they basically have more resources than God’s Night Manager’s rich grandpa, so they could be planning almost anything.


A Bugatti supercar-camper? A car where you drive prone? A seven-wheeler? A gyro-balanced car with four wheels, but all in a line like a rollerblade? Something spherical?

I have no idea, but I think we should guess. Guess wildly. And then if one of us comes up with what it is, we can all enjoy a chuckle as Bugatti gets all pissed and cranky, like how they did when I called their stupid catalog of rich guy bullshit, uh, stupid.

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