Bugatti Debuts Three More Overpriced Special Edition Veyrons In Dubai

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Why Bugatti feels every new paint scheme requires a "special edition" tag and an annoying name is beyond us, but they love them in Dubai, so here you go: three new over-priced specially-named Bugatti Veyrons.

Bugatti honours the importance of the Middle East market with 2 unique cars and a special series of only 5 Veyrons for the Middle East market

Dubai, 15th December 2009 – Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. finishes its Centenary celebrations
with three tailor made cars, especially developed for its discerning clientele in the Middle East:
the Veyron "Sang d'Argent", the Grand Sport "Soleil de Nuit" and the Veyron "Nocturne",
limited to five cars only.

The "Nocturne" – a special Veyron five car edition exclusively for the Middle East Market

The Veyron "Nocturne" strikes with an extraordinary partition of surfaces never used so far,
giving the car a new dimension of lateral length. Bugatti is experimenting with galvanized side
windows continuing the line of the polished aluminium upper body parts to the rear of the car
and contrast vividly with the uni black of the side- and door-panels and the roof. Added to that is
the hood, also covered in polished aluminium which emphasizes this impression of elegant
length. Special polished custom rims at the exterior and a futuristic interior dominated by a black
nanocoated magnesium dashboard and a centre console in galvanized Platinum complete this
unique combination of individualized modern design.

This mini series has been especially developed for the Middle East Market honouring its
importance and its strong partners in the area - Al Habtoor Motors, UAE, Al Zayani Trading
Co., Kuwait, Al Ghassan Motors, Saudi Arabia and Dana Motors, Quatar.

"Sang d'Argent" and "Soleil de Nuit" - two dreams for 1001 nights

The two-tone-scheme of the Centenary Villa d'Este cars were at the origin of the "Sang
d'Argent", a one-off Veyron version built exclusively for the Middle East. But the country coded
coloured parts of the car have now been changed to a subtle silver metallic which discreetly flows
into the lines of the polished aluminium parts – doors and front wings – thus enhancing the
"silver theme" of this car; yet another unique Bugatti creation celebrating the 100th anniversary
of the brand. The "Sang d'Argent" has the Grand Sport rims, they complete together with the air
intakes on the roof the overall silver appearance.

Through the windows shines a differentiating Havanna interior with quilting pattern on seats
and saddle and other very personalized items emphasizing the unique features of this very special

The "Soleil de Nuit" – Sun of the Night – is another stunning example of how a modern
interpretation of Bugatti's core values "Art, Forme, Technique": A very unusual colour/material
split characterizes the "Soleil de Nuit", the second Middle East one-off model created for the
Dubai Motor Show. The horizontal split in the lower part of the car – a synthesis of polished
Aluminium, painted Black Blue Metallic enriched by mirror shine meshes – softens the lines of
this Grand Sport and gives the body a new touch of sportiness. Blue Metallic in the upper body
parts and also in the inner side of the ("Sang Noir") rims, the outer side of which are in diamond
cut, underline the exquisite appearance of this dramatic looking car. A strong burnt orange
interior crowns the attractiveness of this impressive "Soleil de Nuit".

The cars will be available for delivery in the first quarter of 2010. Their prices range from 1.65
Mio Euro for the five car series of the "Nocturne" to 1.45 Mio Euro for the "Sang d'Argent" and
1.55 Mio for the "Soleil de Nuit", the Veyron and Grand Sport one-off models.

All these models are a visible proof of how creativeness and inspiration can be successfully driven
to new limits. Bugatti's constant strive for new technology, more power with less weight, more
innovative design aiming for improved speed, easier handling and more inspiring elegance has
become legendary. Bugatti's sophisticated individualization and personalization program has
opened new opportunities for the creative and discerning customers found in the Middle East.
New materials have widened the range of personalized options and have led to combinations and
applications of different varieties of high tech elements never seen before. Thus Bugatti chose
the Dubai Motor Show to present these new combinations the first and only time to a broader

100 years later the Bugatti brand is well established again

Honouring the foundation of the company in 1909 Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S opened the
anniversary with a one-off version of the Veyron, the "Bleu Centenaire", at the Geneva Motor
Show in March. At the Villa d'Este weekend at the end of April the company paid tribute to
Bugatti's racing history – which was to a great extend responsible for the worldwide reputation
of the brand – with four very special Grand Sports, accompanied by their respective Type 35
predecessors, all featuring the traditional racing colours representing France, Italy, England and
Germany, namely blue, red, green and white. Bugatti was then one of the honoured marques at
the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California in August and highlighted the event with
the presentation of the "Sang Bleu", a one off Grand Sport in a breathtaking and unique carbon
– aluminium combination. The "100th Anniversary Weekend" in Molsheim in September was
the platform for a glimpse into the future which might look like the Bugatti 16 C Galibier
concept – intended to be the most exclusive, elegant and powerful four door automobile in the

The presentation of these very special cars at the Dubai Motor Show is the final highlight, with
which Bugatti ends its Centenary celebrations. We are honoured to complete our 100 Years at
this prestigious Motor Show of a very important market for Bugatti.