Bubba Watson Replaces His Golf Cart With An Awesome Hovercraft

Golf carts are cool. Hovercrafts are cooler. Why hasn't anyone ever made a golf cart out of a hovercraft? Now they have.

Golfer Bubba Watson got tired of his golf cart and decided there had to be a better way. He partnered up with Oakley to make this, a hovercraft with the look and feel of a golf cart.

Basically, it's a small hovercraft with a golf cart roof and other bits on it. That's cool. It's called the BW1. That's cool too.


But it actually looks useful. It doesn't have wheels that tear up grass. It can cross sand traps and water hazards with no issues. It's a freaking hovercraft.

I seriously hope this isn't a delayed April Fool's joke, because this thing rocks. Hopefully it'll come soon to a high-dollar country club that none of us can actually afford or will ever set foot in.

(Hat Tip to Ralph!)

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Couldn't that disturb nests/eggs, plants, animals as its flying about? How does it stop suddenly if something runs in front of it?