BTW There Are Some Really Good Cars In Atomic Blonde

Hey, so last night I went to a screening of Atomic Blonde—the stylishly brutal action-packed flick set in 1989 Berlin right before the fall of the wall, in which Charlize Theron plays a ruthless, savage, kickass spy—and there were some really good cars.

I told Ballaban about it and he told me I should blog it so here goes.


James McAvoy, who also plays a spy, drives a shiny gorgeous Porsche 911.

There are also a bunch of colorful square boxy Eastern European cars. Apparently these are Wartburgs. They look like toys. Toy cars. For kids. Beep beep.


Even the cop cars were cool. I dig the unique, boxy, angular vibe of these two, a Volkswagen Passat and a BMW wagon.


No idea what two of these are but again, boxy as hell. Also my parents had a green VW bus when I was a kid so it’s cool to see one of those. (Editor’s note: The one on the left is a Lada, the one on the right looks like a Gaz - M.B.)


Then there’s this. When I saw this gleaming beauty I leaned over and asked my brother, what car is that???? Yes, the movie has plot points and a great soundtrack, but I was deeply attracted to this car. So sleek, so sexy. My brother thought it was a long wheelbase MG or Aston Martin but the internet says it’s a 1971 Alfa Romeo. Whatever! VERY HOT. Good movie. Good cars.

(It’s an Alfa Romeo Montreal. It is a perfect car. Indeed, VERY HOT. Go see this movie, for the cars. – M.B.)


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