Brooklyn Lost Tank Flier Actually Sex Line Scam

Reader Rudolphdude spotted this flier asking passers-by for information about a tank lost somewhere in Brooklyn. At first glance, the phone number makes it look like a very clever viral Army recruiting ad. The reality is much stranger.


We actually called "1-800-ARMY-OF1," which is the slogan which preceded the current Army mantra of "Army Strong," so we assumed it would be some kind of automated "Join the Army" system. Instead, we were greeted with a woman speaking on a recorded message saying "Call 1-800-874-TALK to get together with interesting local people, that's 1-800-874-T-A-L-K."


Now that we're this far down the rabbit hole, might as well go forward. In a much more sultry voice this time, we're greeted with "Hey there sexy guy, welcome to an exciting new way to go live, one on one with hot horny girls waiting right now to talk to you..." You get the picture. This service is operated by "Intimate Encounters" and eventually asks us to "stick it in," it being our Visa or Mastercard number which will be billed between $0.99 and $1.99 a minute, depending on carrier and just how "nasty" we want our conversation to be.

This is by far the strangest and most unconventional phone sex hot-line advertising we've ever encountered... not that we're familiar with phone sex lines or anything. Hey... that dog has a puffy tail! (Thanks for the tip Rudolphdude)

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