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As part of its "Bold Moves" campaign, Ford's signed on to sponsor AMC's new western, "Broken Trail." Ford'll be featured in special 30- and 60-second vignettes, logo presence on print ads and some online exposure on AMC's website — for AMC's Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church Brokeback-wannabee. So what's "Broken Trail" got to do with Ford? Well, here's the "story" from AMC's website:

"The time is 1897 and the territory is the west. Veteran cowboy Print Ritter is ready to trade his life on the range for a ranch of his own. All he has to do is run 500 horses from Oregon to Wyoming to earn the money. He recruits...Tom Harte for the's not long before their path crosses with that of a low-life trafficker and the five innocent Chinese girls he's delivering to a life of prostitution in a lawless mining town."

Ah, there we go. It may be a stretch, but it's like an analogy for Ford. Bill Ford is...

...Print Ritter, trying to sell his 500 (thousand) horses (cars) across the United States when he runs into the five Chinese girls (foreign manufacturing) that promise cheap pleasure (but all of the un-cureable diseases in the long run). As for Tom Harte — well, maybe he's Mark Fields — or maybe he's just a character from "Brokeback Mountain" who we've yet to identify.

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