Brokeback Enzo Update: Fat Steffie Rejects Plea

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Swedish mafia d n (sorry, businessman) and driver of the infamous Brokeback Enzo, Stefan Eriksson has rejected a plea deal that would have ended trial proceedings for the string of charges he faces. Accepting the deal would have meant pleading "no contest" to four counts, in exchange for a two year, four month sentence and $25,000 fine. Eriksson would also have had to admit to a pattern of related felony conduct including taking, damaging and destroying something of value in excess of $1 million, alleged conduct related to fraud and embezzlement in excess of $500,000, and racketeering while Swedish, a little-used statute stemming from the famous Herring Connection case of the 1970s. Now, Eriksson faces 11 years in jail for two counts of theft, two counts of embezzlement and two counts related to driving under the influence. Oddly enough, charges related to the $1 million Ferrari returned in pieces to the UK financial institution that's its rightful owner are apparently no longer an issue; according to Eriksson's attorney, the bank isn't coming to LA to plead its case. Yeah, no justice. [Thanks to Nick for the tip.]


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Any requests for music to be played when the verdict in this case comes down?