British Tycoon Abandons $150K Maserati In London Car Pound After Racking Up Almost $10K In Fines

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Bertrand Des Pallieres, millionaire UK businessman and manager of the SPQR hedge fund, racked up 65 congestion charge penalties and dozens of parking fines on his limited edition £80,000 ($158,600) Maserati GranSport without tax. His car was towed away from a square in Knightsbridge, West London, in late May and taken to a pound by a London towing company in a bid to get him pay up. But the 39-year-old chap failed for three months to get down to the tow lot to claim it - increasing the money he owed by £25 a day - until he found out the car was about to be auctioned due to an estimated £5,000 ($9,900) bill. So, what did Mr. Des Pallieres have to say about the incident? Well, he blames it on being "too busy." No, seriously — he really does:

"The truth is I was so busy I did not have time to deal with sorting the congestion charges, paying my road tax and getting my car out of the pound.

"I have been setting up a new business and, as you can imagine, it requires all my focus. I have been running around the world raising money for my fund and setting it up.

"When I left my previous job at Deutsche Bank, I lost my PA. She had always organised all of these domestic things for me. For a while I did not have a PA but now I have one, so this will get sorted out."

Hmm, sure, blame it on your assistant — or lack thereof. [via]

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knock on wood I have never had a car towed. about 3 months ago my sister called me in a panic, her car had been stolen from her apartment.

an hour later she calls me back totally astounded that her car had been towed for parking in someone else's reserved spot! i was at work so i arranged for a friend of mine to pick her up and take her to the tow yard. she called me hysterically in tears because the guys at the tow truck place were so rude to her and she couldn't believe that they towed her car!

the best/worst part was that i had been at her apartment the week before and i mentioned that her car wasn't in it's usual spot, and she blew it off thinking it was no big deal but I had the hardest time not saying 'told you so!' when she did get towed.