A Brinks truck hauling anywhere between $3-and-$9 million in Canadian coins (about $3 to $9 million in real 'merican money) was part of a chain-reaction collision involving another truck this morning that caused the armored transport to spill its heavy load on an Ontario highway. Oh, and one of the other truck's was carrying candy. Police are now standing guard over the valuable pile of goodies.

Ontario Provincial Police told the Canadian Press that the crash happened around 4 a.m. this morning, local time, along Highway 11 near Ramore, Ontario.

The accident apparently occurred when the driver of the Brinks truck crossed the center lane and collided with a rock, causing the driver of a minivan and two 18-wheeler operators to also crash. The two Brinks employees were transported to the hospital with serious injuries but everyone else survived with only minor issues.

Authorities on the scene say Brinks may bring in a magnetic crane to pick up all of the valuables and, possibly, a regular back-hoe to load the coin-laden dirt up for further transport. Off-duty police and Brinks employees are fanning out around the area to protect the valuables.

No word yet on how much candy was lost.

(Hat tip to Zach!)

Photo Credit: (Frederic Pepin/Radio-Canada)