Bring Back Teal

It’s always a party in a tiny teal truck. Photo credit: Suzuki

Teal is one of the few colors that is bright and cheerful but calming at the same time. Stare into the blue-green side of the Porsche Panamericana concept, and let the chill need to do something extreme wash over you like the rad burbling rapids it evokes. It’s a shade that reaffirms you. Pumps you up. Makes you cool. Gets you ready to karate-chop the day. It’s time for teal.

Teal used to be all over the place, especially in the 1980s and 1990s. Everything from the fat swooshes on Jazz cups to your mom’s old ski jacket to Suzuki Samurais came in the lovely, versatile hue.

Porsche Panamericana concept, 1989. Photo credit: Porsche

Teal isn’t just pretty. It’s the everyman’s color, peacefully at home on everything from a BMW 850i to a Geo Metro. Try to think of a car that looks bad in teal. (Just kidding: you can’t!)

Dress a brighter teal up with blocky retro graphics, and you’re ready for the raddest, most extreme action you can conjure. Your life is now a vintage snowboarding poster, and no one will ever be as rad as you are at this very moment, as you enjoy your teal car.

Photo credit: Geo

Keep it clean and classy, and let the deep mountain lake that is your car’s exterior sooth you before you tackle the day. The world is yours when you’re riding in teal.

Somewhere, the ubiquity of cheerful teal faded into a sad sea of beiges and silvers. Why are we so dour now? What changed such that we now make our cars come in sad, sedate colors?

Photo credit: BMW

People are clamoring once more for the cars of their youth. The 80s and 90s era is finally getting some love now that it’s old enough to be retro and cool instead of old and tired. If we’re going to go nuts over everything from retrowave to the geometric, often teal-tinged architecture of dead malls, then it’s obvious!


It is time for the teal cars to return.

Photo credit: Acura

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