Brimstone Quadracycle: 750 HP V8-Powered Hell Sled

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There are dumb bad ideas, dangerous bad ideas, and bad ideas that are staggering achievements of genius. The Brimstone Quadracycle is the latter. A custom-built, four-wheeled motorcycle with a V8 cranking out up to 750HP. It'll even tow a trailer.


Within 2.8 seconds of laying the throttle wide open, you're already at 60 MPH. Leave it there another 3.2 seconds and you're in felony territory at 120 MPH. This is the kind of thing a 455 cubic inch V8-equipped, 750 HP Brimstone Quadracycle is capable of. Oh sure, you can get a more pedestrian 427 CI V8 with only 300 HP, but we're really only arguing over degrees of lethality.

Living somewhere between motorcycle, automobile and methamphetamines of dubious hill-country origin, the Quadracycle doesn't mess around with bullshit like seat belts and roll cages, it's you and a saddle, against that aluminum V8, a GM 700R4 and four wheels. The term "batshit crazy" comes to mind.

This may be even crazier than the current king of stupid, the Boss Hoss. At least with the Hoss, the ever present danger of dropping the thing in a gravel corner is in the back of your mind. Here you're reassured by static stability, four contact patches, lower seating and no chance to spill, things which will inevitably result in napalm insanity.

Hood, Fenders, and Dash Cover
* Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, or Aluminum

Dash Board
* Aluminum, Titanium, Magnesium, Carbon Fiber, or Kevlar

* Customers Choice

Hood Skirts
* Stainless, Aluminum, Carbon, or Kevlar

Turn Signals and Brake Lights

* Customers Preference

Grill, Fender mounts, Headlight mounts, Hood Spine, Hood Ornaments
* Aluminum, Stainless, Magnesium, or Titanium
Notes:All Magnesium components must be painted for corrosion resistance. Titanium-Brimstones will have gold, sterling-silver, and gemstone inlay of Brimstone Logo in Titanium Ornament.

Handlebars and Hand Controls
* Titanium, or Stainless 1.5" diameter with internal throttle and wiring.
* Polished or brushed Finish
Note: Ape-hangers on Brimstone? NO!

Chassis, and Suspension
* Stainless, or Titanium with brushed, polished, or powder coat finish.
* Hardened stainless bolts
* Energy Suspension bushings, motor mounts, transmission mount, and differential mounts
* QA1 Shocks w/chrome finished springs

Gas Tank
* Aluminum, or Magnesium
* 3/16 wall thickness.
* Propane compatible for green vehicle option, cooler engine temperatures, and high compression engines.
* 12.5 Gallons

* Covered with many varieties of exotic leathers by ADVANCED Custom Design

* Wilwood polished calipers, and master cylinder
* Foot braking
* Handicapped hand lever option available

Wheels and Tires
* Customer choice.
Note: Spinners on Brimstone? NO!

* Polished Stainless Steel.

* 0-60 mph 2.8 seconds
* 0-120 mph 6 seconds
* 15-30 mpg

Power Plant
* Dressed Aluminum Dart 427-455ci Small Block
* 300-750 hp

Frontal wing and Rear Spoiler
* Aluminum, or Carbon Fiber
* Must be used for speeds over 125mph

Quick Change 2" Hitch
* Hitch can pull small watercraft trailers etc.

Quick Change Trunk
* Trunk can be used for storage and sound system etc.

Transmission with Stainless Steel Lines
* GM 700R4 4speed Trans
* Gear ratio 1st 3.06-1, 2nd 1.63-1, 3rd 1-1, 4th .7-1
* Transmission push button shift display with paddle shifting in hand controls.
* Energy Suspension Mounts

* Aluminum 8.8 Ford IRS with 308 gears



C³ - Cool Cadillac Cat

As an ex-two wheel rider.

Must. Have.

Just 'cause I know if I get on two wheels, again, there will be a day when I hesitate to make a gut decision due to not having 100% knowledge of what led to a prior outcome, and said hesitation results in my death, does not mean I no longer have a need...a need for speed.

/found the tires on the E320 are balanced decently enough for 95 MPH yesterday, in no traffic, on the way to work (gotta love holidays!).

Plus, the screwed together bones are not likely able to hold a 700+ lb. go-fast machine upright, if I get it even slightly off-balance at a light...and I can't live with that.

Mr. Leno likely has one on order. A weekend show in Vegas will pay for it, no problem.