There are a lot of weird alibis out there for getting out of drunk driving, but one we never thought of was climbing a tree and pretending to be a nocturnal bird. Guess you'd need to be drunk to do that.

Troy Prockett is the mastermind behind the 'owl defense,' which involves leading police on a drunken chase, jumping out of your car, running into the woods, and then climbing 30 feet into a tree. When police arrive on the scene, what he did first was to feign ignorance, asking the police if they caught that wild driver yet.

Instead of listening to police requests to "get his drunk ass out of the tree," he then let them know that he was an owl hiding in the tree. The next move in the 'owl defense' is to climb higher into the tree and observe the weather. In this case, he found out it was snowing.

Firefighters were called to the scene and assisted in getting Prockett down from the tree, where he was then arrested. This is his third drunk driving offense, but it's believed it's only his first offense of stealing a bird's identity.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Hat Tip to Ilya!