Bridge Collapses In Pittsburgh Hours Ahead Of Biden Infrastructure Speech

President Joe Biden is set to talk about his $1 trillion infrastructure plan in Pittsburgh, PA Friday afternoon

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Screenshot: KDKA via YouTube

A major bridge collapse in Pittsburgh, PA left 10 people with injuries just hours before President Biden is expected to give an infrastructure speech in the Pennsylvanian city. The $1 trillion bill is going to fund repairs and maintenance on the country’s road, railways, physical infrastructure, and of course, bridges.

According to the AP, crews rushed to the scene in Pittsburgh’s Frick Park around 6 a.m. The bridge crosses over a wooded ravine and a creek that are in the park

Photos from the scene show at least four vehicles — including a city bus — had fallen into the ravine due to the collapsed bridge, with another vehicle left dangling over the edge.


According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Port Authority confirmed the bus driver and two passengers were able to escape off the bus, and no one on it was injured.


To add insult to injury, the collapse also caused a large gas leak, which emitted a sound like a jet engine, according to the Post-Gazette. Eventually crews were on scene to turn it off.

The President is set to speak about a 3.5 miles away from the scene later today.


Right now, there’s no word on how the collapse will impact Biden’s speech, but it’s a safe bet to say it’ll probably come up.