BrewDog Is Introducing The First Ever Craft Beer Airline So You Can Get Drunk While You Cross The Atlantic

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Great news for all you beer drinkers out there: in just a handful of months, independent craft brewer BrewDog is launching their very own airline. And yes, that most definitely means you can now spend your entire flight sampling creative drinks and eating awesome food.


We normally don’t think of airlines as being, y’know, enjoyable. Flying is usually just a necessary evil to most efficiently get you from Point A to Point B. Whether you just opt for whatever airline is cheapest or have your memberships and allegiances to a certain company, you still have to deal with long lines, crying kiddos, where even the most mediocre drink is exorbitantly priced.

We’re all so used to the way things are that it’s kind of mind-blowing to have a brewery look at things and go, “so, let’s do this our way”.

Independent craft brewer BrewDog has two locations in Scotland and Columbus, Ohio: why not link them with a flight where you can sip tasty brews and make the whole cross-Atlantic journey slightly more bearable?

Before you start planning your next vacation around taking a BrewDog flight, know that this isn’t your traditional airline. Right now, they’re only offering one single round-trip flight, where the actual trip is kind of the focal point of your vacation. Hop on the plane in London and pop over to Columbus, where you’re signed up for a four-night stay, tours of the BrewDog brewery and museum, and a visit to The DogHouse Hotel. Then, pop on the plane and head on back to England.

If that sounds like your kind of deal, it’s only being offered on February 21-25, 2019. And it’s only open to BrewDog’s community of 90,000 Equity Punks, which is basically a way to get people to invest in the future of good beer by rewarding them for buying into the company—so, crowdfunding. So, don’t get your hopes up too high just yet.

For the lucky folks who will be able to secure a seat aboard the bespoke Boeing 767, they’re looking at a booking fee of around $1600 for what is essentially planned to be a super cool beer experience. Boozy drinks and food are included—and BrewDog is promising limited-edition brews for this flight only, along with a food-and-beer pairing menu and quality entertainment as you make the cross-continental trek.


Brewdog spokesperson Sarah Warman has stated that, while they’re currently only offering one flight, the potential for more trips—even Columbus-to-London ones—could be a possibility:

“For now we’re just releasing dates for our maiden voyage, but if there is demand for the journey, we’d love to show more craft beer fans our homes in both Columbus and Aberdeenshire. We would love to offer trips from Columbus to our homeland in Scotland to show our extended family where we’re from, but for now we have no scheduled plans for this – if we see enough demand, you never know.”


So, yeah, it’s kind of a downer that this isn’t just a regular airline that anyone can book a flight on to head anywhere they want and enjoy free-flowing drinks and tasty meals along the way. But it’s a pretty cool concept, one that I kind of hope takes off, if only just to bring a little competition to our standard slew of airlines to convince them to lower in-flight booze prices.

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That’s not an “airline”, that’s a chartered flight.

And a publicity stunt. I’m sure they thank you for priming the pump ...