BREAKING: Saab, Koenigsegg Deal Off

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GM's plan to sell Saab to Koenigsegg is suddenly off, with many sources indicating Koenigsegg walked away from the deal and GM planning to meet next week to discuss what to do with European brand they didn't want. [CNBC]



"GM confirmed that Koenigsegg of Sweden pulled out of the deal to buy Saab, whose sales have plunged 61.5 percent this year, with only 7,400 being sold in the US."

Yes... Lets see here... MY2009 rolls around... OH! Suprise!

-NO LEASES AVAILABLE ON SAABS!! (75% of our sales were lease customers).

-Price increase about $2500 from MY2008 with NO significant model changes.

-POOR POOR incentives ALL year.

-NO GM Employee Pricing (major in our area.)

It's really no wonder why it dropped 62%. We used to be able to lease these cars out between 330-400 a month, and this year, we had to try and upsell 330-400 dollar a month payment customers up to $650 dollar a month purchase customers... HA.. yeah right.

A base Saab 9-3 Arc is not worth $33k.

It's a $26k car at best, and GM bled the brand for all it was worth and tossed it to the wolves... And now we're fucked.

Thank you GM, thank you for fucking us.