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Oh-oh, we're halfway there. With the first half of the year of our lord 2006 now over โ€” data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers showed total sales in the first half in the world's most populated country were 1.8 million units. The leader of the pack was a General Motors owned affiliate, Shanghai GM โ€” beating aside perrenial leader FAW Volkswagen. Shanghai GM sales jumped 49% from last year to 201,901 vehicles (according to GM โ€” cause Red China don't like to give out the actual numbers) โ€” bringing the total number of GM and GM-affiliate vehicle sales in China to 453,832 vehicles in China in the first half of the year. Click the jump to see which automakers made the list and where:

1.) Shanghai GM
2.) Shanghai Volkswagen Co.
3.) FAW Volkswagen Co.
4.) Chery Automobile Co.
5.) Beijing Hyundai Motor Co.
6.) Tianjin FAW Toyota Automobile Co.
7.) Tianjin-FAW Xiali Automobile Co.
8.) Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Co.

Now โ€” if only we knew how many cars they each sold. Damn you Red China, damn you for not providing us the numbers we need to properly scorekeep!

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