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"Trevor", or at least the guy we're assuming is "Trevor", has been nabbed by the po-po. Carl Freer, former managing director of Gizmondo (reminder: not Gizmodo), was picked up at his Bel-Air estate on suspicion of posing as a police officer to buy a gun. At this point there is no connection to the Enzo crash, but if you put the dots together you'll make a pretty picture which may or may not spell the name "Trevor." Let's take a closer look, after the jump.


[Warning: there's lots of "allegedly" to follow, cause we don't like getting sued]

There's still no news on the mystery "Dietrich" who was the alleged driver of the Ferrari Enzo that crashed on Highway 1 at high speed on February 21st — keep in mind Gizmondo head honcho Steffan Eriksson has already been arrested and the 5-0 think he was the driver.


But back to Carl. According to the boys at WreckedExotics, "Trevor" was the passenger in the SLR that was allegedly racing the Enzo before the crash. He's also the man (allegedly) connected to the gun clip found near the crash site. And he gave his address to police as a mega-yacht parked in Marina Del Ray. Guess what? Carl Freer has a 100-foot Yacht docked in Marina Del Ray.

Allegedly, Freer flashed a badge to a gun dealer so he could buy a gun without a background check. Freer's lawyer denies any wrongdoing on Freer's part. Now you might ask, what kind of badge did Freer (allegedly) use? Why, a San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority badge. Just like Steffan, Carl was part of the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority's "anti-terrorism" unit, which as far as we can tell battles Al-Qaeda by giving rides to old people without cars. In the arrest, police found 12 rifles and four handguns on both Freer's yacht and in his Bel-Air mansion.

Its gets better. The chairman of the San Gabriel Valley Transit board used to be Eriksson's civil attorney. He resigned his chairmanship after the accident, and so far is not accused of any wrongdoing or taking any part in this whole story. Other than, um, being the chairman of the transit board that gave some random Swedish mafia dudes some badges.

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