BRB Evolution Super Car Concept Transforms, Folds To Fit Tight Spaces

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This is the BRB Evolution —a unique sports car concept, designed by 22-year-old British engineer Daniel Bailey, that folds itself in half lengthwise to fit into tight parking spots. The concept car would fold itself into half its length by jacking itself up on its nose and tucking its rear wheels beneath. Bailey claims he was inspired by the Lamborghini Murcielago and Peugeot 908, but given the car's appearance and Mr. Bailey's youthful 22 years, we suspect reefer, Mountain Dew and repeated playings of Transformers may have also been involved.


But the BRB Evolution concept is not only capable of fitting into tight spots with it's Dyson vacuum-like design, but it's also intended to be "green." The concept car's powered by electricity or hydrogen, in effect solving what Bailey considers to be the two main problems of the city of the future: pollution and overpopulation. And, before you think how much fun it would be to fold the car and unfold it again while sitting in the driver's seat, think again: no occupants are permitted while the BRB is doing its magic squeeze show.

Also, don't expect this concept car will hit the streets anytime soon, but we do hope this young man gets snapped up right quick by some company doing automotive design. We figure a piece in the Telegraph about his design concept probably won't hurt his chances. Also, our write-up, but we'd never toot our own horn. Unless it deserves tooting of course. [Telegraph UK]



@oyumurtaci: So far, it seems I am... (to answer my own question).

I agree that vertical parkin (of some sorts) would be practical, considering the fact that despite the actual surface area of parking zones, there are many times more people with cars that need to park in said zones. Hence, I propose a derivative of the parking system in the movie I Robot to be adapted to the streets:

You pull up to where you want to park your car and (asuming there is space) a mechanical arm of some sort (such as those used to lift cars onto the back of tow beds) props your car in a near-vertical position right after the next car up. The cars would be held by the wheels, preventing any damage to other surfaces. Now all that's left to redesign is the cup holder so your dash isn't coated with that mochafrappachocamelanillaspres... you forgot in the car for fear of looking like a complete tool from carrying a cup full of a liquid which has a name you can't even say in a single breath, kinda like this sentence.

Yes I'm having a bad day.