Brand New Cadillac Coupes And Sedans Are So Cheap It's Not Even Funny

You may have heard that Cadillac is having a difficult time convincing customers to buy one of their cars that is not an Escalade. That sucks for them, but it could be good for you if you would like a nice American luxury sedan for up to $17,000 off.

Let’s get this out of the way now, Cadillac’s two door and four door models are in no way bad cars. In fact, some of them are pretty damn good cars. It’s just for some reason they are a bit unloved and ignored. So if you have money to burn, and couldn’t care less about a German badge on your hood, here are some Cadillac deals you need to check out.


This poor soul has been sitting on the lot since 2014, maybe because red is not the best color for an ATS, but it is a loaded 3.6 Luxury with the V6 for over fourteen grand off the MSRP:

You can have a $43,000 335 hp luxury sport sedan for less than the price of a new Malibu LTZ V6. If you don’t like red, no problem just vinyl wrap it into whatever color you want.


Are you looking to get into the ride-hailing business? Need a fancy car, but don’t have boat loads of money? Here is a leftover 2014 “new” CTS with less than 7,000 miles, for more than $16,000 off the sticker price:


None of your passengers will care that it only has a four-cylinder turbo; all you have to do is look the part.

(But also, the four-cylinder turbo is probably the better engine, anyway.)


Or maybe you don’t really care about having rear-wheel-drive and just want an old-school Caddy that puts comfort first. How about a very well equipped XTS Premium with an MSRP of $58,000 for about thirty percent off?


It is a 2014 and it has a few miles on it for a “new” car, but the 2016 models don’t look or drive any differently so you might as well keep the savings.

At some point in time, someone at Cadillac thought that making a two door electric car and pricing it over $60,000 was a good idea. This particular ELR supposedly has an MSRP of $83,000. It turns out that the only people dropping eighty grand on an electric car are buying Teslas.


If you dig this kind of thing, you can have it with a $30,000 discount.

Of course, I saved the best one for last. A brand new 2016 twin-turbo 464 horsepower ATS-V with 3-pedals for over $11,000 off the MSRP.


So what if some of the magazines say it’s not as good as the BMW M4. With an extra eleven grand in your pocket that means you are just some easy mods and sticky rubber away from smashing the Germans in any contest you can find.


Keep in mind these are just a sampling of some of the crazy discounts you can nab; there are hundreds of models available with thousands of dollars in discounts.

At this rate, I’m not sure how much longer Cadillac can justify selling sedans and coupes in America when these types prices are necessary to move units, but now is an opportunity to get a lot of American luxury for your money.


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