Brand New 1966 Ford Bronco Bodies Debuting At SEMA

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Did you know Ford announced around Father's Day they'd be selling complete reproduction 1966 Ford Bronco bodies? Neither did we, but now we know they're headed for a public debut at this year's SEMA show.


The all-steel bodies are being produced under license from Ford Component Sales and sold through the California-based Dynacorn, which has been working with Ford on vintage Mustangs for the last few years. The '66 Bronco is one of the company's most iconic vehicles and a darling of the off-roading community — meaning the trucks get bashed up and twisted into pretzels with an unpleasant regularity.

These steel bodies will be built off original Ford tooling used in production so everything will be exactly as it was when it came off the production line. Builders will be able to swap all the parts off their old truck onto their new body then move the VIN plates over for a road legal vehicle. Remember, it's just another part number so that's legal. The other option is to buy a body without a VIN handy and just build an off-road-only truck,

The new body will debut at this year's SEMA show, hoisted above the Ford stand, the automotive equivalent of looking a race horse in the mouth.


How legal (or illegal) would it be to take something along the lines of a 2001 Expedition and put one of these bodies on it? I'm not familiar with how the whole VIN thing works. Would the Expedition VIN work, or would it have to be off-road only?