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Bradley Cooper Shamed By Race Fans For Taking Handicap Trolley [UPDATE: It Wasn't Him]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

(UPDATE: Bradley Cooper's publicist contacted us to let us know Cooper was not at the race, which means he wasn't bogarting someone's golf kart, which means there's someone out there who is lucky enough to look like Bradley Cooper that isn't Bradley Cooper.)

This weekend's Austin F1 race attracted a huge crowd of motorsports fans and celebrities (I kept running into manic aggrochef Gordon Ramsey). Among them was apparently Bradley Cooper, whose alleged attempt at accepting privileges due a former Sexiest Man Alive ended up getting him yelled at by race fans.


An F1 race, for those who don't know, involves insane amounts of walking. It's not like you can just dart across the track Frogger-style as a car speeds by at 200 mph. You have to go around. Because of this, they offer mobility-impaired shuttles for people who have mobility issues.


A reporter friend of mine says she saw Cooper hitching a ride on one of these shuttles — this time a golf cart — when a bunch of dudes recognized him as "The Hangover Star" and immediately started giving him shit for his choice of ride.

"Bradley Cooper can walk! Shit. Come on, man!" one of them apparently screamed as he pulled away.

It could be worse. I tried to yell "Han shot first" at Lucas as he used one of the carts, although he seemed to need the help.