Brad Keselowski Furious After Parts Confiscated At NRA 500

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Reigning Sprint Car champion Brad Keselowski was not a happy camper at last night's NRA 500, and in true NASCAR fashion, he wasn't shy about letting people know how he felt.


Keselowski's car flunked a pre-race inspection, as did the car driven by his Penske Racing teammate Joey Logano. NASCAR officials confiscated the rear-end housing pieces from both cars, causing the teams to frantically try and replace the parts an hour before the race.

NASCAR officials said the team may have been running parts that are "not in the spirit of the rules," although they didn't elaborate. Penalties, fines or suspensions could be coming as a result.

Keselowski was extremely frustrated about the inspection and said he feels the Penske team is being unfairly targeted by officials.

"The things I've seen over the last seven days have me questioning everything I believe in, and I'm not happy about it... There's so much stuff going on, you guys have no idea. You have no fucking idea what's going on... The way we have been targeted over the last seven days is absolutely shameful."

Despite the challenges with the inspections, both Keselowski and Logano finished in the top 10 at last night's race.

Team owner Roger Penske had this to say to USA Today:

Penske Racing team owner Roger Penske said his team was trying to get an edge on the competition, but not in a way that ran afoul of the rules. The team's performance with the replacement rear-end housing on Saturday night proved that point, he said.

"Our guys are innovative and we're looking at the rules, looking at areas where we can get an edge like everybody else," he said. "I don't think there's anything we did wrong. It's obviously a judgment."

We'll wait and see what NASCAR decides to do.



From what I'm reading I'm getting the distinct impression that NASCAR officials dont get how rules work. If they arent breaking them theres nothing to be done, "the spirit" doesnt really matter. If whatever they were doing was truly an unfair advantage instead of a marginal one that makes it just a wee bit easier to potentially win a race theres a problem, but being competitive is the name of the game. Suprised NASCAR didnt suspend him for his language alone, considering the whole MTV related mess.