Boxy, But Green: AC Propulsion's eBox

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Ed Begley Jr. to the courtesy phone. Those masters of automotive electronica at AC Propulsion, the folks who brought you the TZero EV sportster, now offer something a bit more practical. Practically square, that is — the eBox. Based on the Scion xB (gee, really?), the eBox is powered by a 12-kw AC induction motor plugged into a lithium-ion battery pack, giving it a range of 140-180 miles on a charge. Performance is surprisingly spry; the company says it can go from zero to 60 in around seven seconds, nearly three seconds quicker than a stock xB. But like George Clooney's Tango, which also uses AC's propulsion system, the eBox will set the Hollywood enviro-elite back around $80,000, which includes the cost of the donor car. Options like leather upholstery, alloy wheels, nav system, and custom paint job will send the meters spinning.

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AC Propulsions makes a faster xB—by throwing away the engine. [The Car Connection]



Wouldn't that be 120 kW instead of 12?

AC Propulsion stuff works inside a lot of electrics - the batshit-mad Courreges cars, the Monaco-made Venturi Fètish, the Volvo 3cc.

The Tesla roadster uses their controller and a motor based on their desigh too.

They say it doesn't , but they say it isn't an electric Elise too...

AC Propulsion... how can a company be bad, if it was founded by the guy who designed the robotic pterodactyl?