Boxer Orlando Salido Is The Most Intimidating Uber Driver You'll Ever Come Across

Image via AP Images
Image via AP Images

Orlando Salido, winner of this year’s World Boxing Council fight of the year award for his draw against super-featherweight champion Francisco Vargas back in June, enjoys killing his time by driving his truck for Uber.


Of course, as a winner of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of his 43-13-4 career record, Salido doesn’t need the money. According to the LA Times, he does it just to pass the time and earn some cash.

From the Times:

Catching a lift to the airport with a former featherweight world champion at the wheel seems like an enhanced Uber service, but Salido says there’s no extra charge, and that some passengers aren’t even aware who he is.

“Not too many know me, but some? Yes,” Salido said. “Everybody who does know are surprised to see me, but at the same time, they don’t know how much money I’ve already made.”


Salido is currently seeking a rematch of his 2014 fight against Olympic champion Vasyl Lomachenko, which he won.

He also rents out an apartment complex worth $700,000 and owns a party supplies rental company, you know, when he isn’t punching people or driving them to the airport.

“That’s what I do,” said Salido, 36, who lives in Phoenix.

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Getting that money regardless of what his bank account looks like, I like this guy’s productivity and mindset. Might as well make money in your downtime driving around in your favorite truck if you’d otherwise be sitting around spending money. I call unnecessary entertainment like drugs alcohol strippers and gambling reverse hustles, not saying I’m above it but those are real money drainers for no positive tangible results, just very good or very bad memories lol