Box Falls Out Of Moving Truck, Leaps Back In With Magic, I Guess

If you’re one of those people who stubbornly denies the supernatural qualities of ordinary cardboard shipping boxes, get ready to have your beliefs shaken to your very core. Right here, caught on camera, is evidence of supernatural cardboard box activity, as a box jumps out of a truck and hops back in all by itself. More than once, even! Who’s a fool now, huh?


This evidence of boxes containing the spirits of athletic daredevils can be seen in this tweet of a video from a Tiawanese highway:

Look at that! The box jumps out of the truck, bounces back in, and then does it again! Box spirits! That’s what it is!

The fact that this is happening more than once is what’s really baffling me. How many times has this likely happened even before the filming starts? How is the box, not having its own propulsive source, not falling back behind the truck, but not just keeping pace, but being actually pulled forward to re-enter the cargo area?

Also, what’s in that box? Feathers? A tumbleweed? Some helium balloons? A Harbor Freight jackstand?

I kid, I kid.

I suppose maybe, just maybe it could also be a combination of a light box and a vortex of negative air pressure behind the moving truck, but that can’t be right. I mean, why else would the truck driver leave the back door open if not because the boxes contained departed souls that enjoyed the fresh air?


Really, though, I suspect there’s a very specific set of criteria at play here, involving box weight and size, air pressure, ambient speed, and all that. If anyone studies fluid dynamics or related fields that may help us work out the specific physics of what’s going on here, please reach out, as I’d love to see this modeled in some simulation.

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Dan's Dance Revolution

If you want more five-dollar technical words for this phenomenon: flow detachment causes a rear vacuum, and the effect is massive for a brick-shaped truck at highway speeds. The activity in the picture below is also happening, mirrored upside-down, off the underbody of the truck, creating a nice scoop-type air current for that cardboard box.

And any Kourier worth their salt knows that riding one of these vacuum currents at highway speeds is far less stressful than trying to MagnaPoon a Deliverator.