Boston Snow Plow Driver Hits Car, Solves Everything With Anti-Semitic Slurs

In the dark, cold streets of Boston, a BMW i3 driver named Matt had his car hit by a huge snowplow/road salting truck. When he asked the driver to pull over, the driver apologized and agreed to take responsibility for his actions, like an adult. Just kidding! The snow plow driver was caught on video calling Matt a “Jew cocksucker,” because everything’s terrible.

Here’s the dashcam video from Matt’s car. Matt has requested he only be referred to by his first name, and pixellated the plow for privacy reasons:

In the beginning of the video, you can clearly see the snow plow has veered way into Matt’s lane, and it’s a very bulky vehicle full of all kinds of protrusions and edges that are probably great at damaging i3 bodywork.


When Matt yells to the plow driver that he needs to pull over, it sounds like there is this exchange:

Matt: Are you pulling over?

Plow: (unintelligible)

Matt: Pull over or I’m going to call the cops and say you’re a hit-and-run.

Plow: You got a big fuckin’ mouth cocksucka! (maybe? it’s hard to tell.) You got a big fucking mouth (again, I think?) Fucking Jew cocksucker!

Matt: Did you just call me a Jew cocksucker?

Plow: Yeah! (unintelligible)

This is, of course, appalling. The plow driver clearly veered out of his lane, and there’s no reason to treat anyone with the contempt and rage this shitty snow plow driver demonstrated. If this plow is contracted by the city of Boston, this driver should have an unpleasant near future, ideally.

As far as Matt goes, he seems to have a pretty good attitude about all this:

I think it is a shame that some folks still use language like that.

But jokes on him, I now have an excuse to drive my 89' XJ Jeep around for the next couple of weeks while the i3 is repaired.


... and here’s that XJ Matt mentioned:


Holy crap, that’s a nice Cherokee. That’s the best revenge of all, right there.

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