Boston Globe, You're an Embargo Breaker, Newstaker; Don't You Mess Around With Acura

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Oooooh, Boston Globe, you're in trouble! Looks like that story we didn't cover — about how the 2007 Acura TL was coming in Type-S trim (that's a 3.5-liter V6 with 286 hp and 256 lb.-ft. of torque) — was embargoed until September 1st. But seeing as information wants to be free (as some believe), this bit seemingly snapped its leash and ran for the hilltops, where it made itself known on hundreds of Web sites. Because schadenfreude, unlike revenge, is a dish best served piping hot, we've got the letter of admonishment Acura sent to the Globe, along with a response — sent by an anonymous tipster — after the jump. Of course, in the Globe's defense, we think press embargoes are bullshit, but then we would, wouldn't we?

Dear Acura Long Lead Attendee,

It has come to our attention that one of the publications in attendance at the MDX / TL Long Lead last month, unintentionally broke the September 1st embargo and published a story on the 2007 TL.

Whatever the circumstances, we take embargoes very seriously and will deal with the publication accordingly. Regardless of this breech, the September 1st embargo still stands for all information and photography from this event and we trust that you, and your publication, will abide by this date.

As you can imagine, every aspect of the new TL launch, including months of preparation and planning, are geared toward the Sept 1st embargo, and this seriously compromises our national launch plans.

Embargo dates are created to allow all media sufficient time to produce their stories. We realize that a few of you may feel this incident puts you at an unfair disadvantage, however we must maintain that an embargo is an embargo. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the September 1st embargo date.

Thank you.

[name redacted]
National Public Relations Manager

Whoops. Apology forthcoming...

To all: that was me who had the brain fart and broke the embargo. usually, i do not attend events with such a long embargo time and will stay away from all in future. i have to write two columns per week so it gets fuzzy sometimes. i don't know what the purpose on embargos is, but i admit to brain failure on this one. in fact, am replacing mdx review slated for this weekend with review of model a with drop top. if i have scooped anyone with review of a remake of a car already out there, i apologize, but i assure you, from now on, all honda and acura reviews will run way past when all of you have run them.

[name redacted]

Power to the press!

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