Bork! Bork! Bork! 2009 Volvo XC60 Leaks Onto Internet

The odd-looking car guru who hails from Hollywood has procured what look to be leaked press photos of Volvo's new XC60 crossover vehicle. Unfortunately, it looks like Volvo overcooked their meatballs a bit. This mini-XC90 isn't exactly "yum, yum...good, good!" The funky, sculpted sheet metal on the front fascia, doors and rear end have been toned down a little more than we'd like. Also gone are the trick door handles and bumper-integrated exhaust. Predictably, the headlights and taillights from the concept have also been swapped out for more conventional units.

This all new cute-ute from Gothenburg will look to steal sales away from the BMW X3, Acura RDX and the Mercedes GLK. Most sources seem to have the XC60 sharing underpinnings with Land Rover's LR2. That would mean a 3.2L I6 kicking out 230 horsepower and 234 ft lbs.


We'd be remiss if we didn't mention that massive new grille with the larger-than-ever Volvo badge. A design feature that will surely have Austin Powers scrambling to place an order. We hear official press photos, and possibly first drive reviews, will be released on Wednesday, February 20. Look for the debut of the XC60 Tuesday, March 4 at the Geneva Motor Show. [via The Hollywood Extra]

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