Despite a financial rescue plan, things don't seem to be getting better right away (the dow dipped below 10,000 points for the first time in three years), which will likely cause a dip in consumer spending, which is certainly going to make things worse. As we pointed out in seven ways the financial crisis will affect car buyers, this means it could be a good market for new car buyers. Toyota is offering 0% financing for the first time in a long while. Newspapers are full of ads pushing cars discounted with "employee pricing" and "automatic cash back" along with other incentives. Anecdotally, readers here tend to push buying used in order to get more for less and to avoid depreciation. But now that cars are practically being pre-depreciated, would you consider buying a new car? Or is this a better time to get a great deal on a used sports car? While it is no surprise that the auto industry is having its share of problems, a fresh drop in sales could continue to cause dealerships to fail. In the resulting market, the remaining new car dealers will have to fight for dwindling market share. You've heard of employee pricing; we're waiting for "just gave me a squeezer in the back of a Taurus" pricing. We're starting to pick up papers to look for that diamond-in-the-rough crazy sale of a car that has no features and comes with a manual transmission as an alternative to buying something used. The appeal of a warranty and no financing costs, assuming we can get a loan as blogger, is at least making us pay attention. Have you purchased a new car recently? Get a good deal? Are you considering buying a new car? [Photo: Tim Boyle/Getty Images]