Boneheaded Idiots Caught Speeding While Smuggling $3 Million Across The Border

Image via VW, AP Images
Image via VW, AP Images

If you’ve got millions of dollars stashed away in cardboard boxes loaded into the trunk of your, um, Volkswagen Passat, you probably shouldn’t be speeding.

That advice is a little too late for two boneheaded idiots caught in Escondido, California attempting to smuggle a reported $3 million into Mexico. Evidently they were in such a hurry one of the two cars got pulled over for speeding, where $34,000 was discovered stashed in the Kia Forte’s center console.

The second car, a VW Passat, was found abandoned nearby with $3 million in cash stashed away in the trunk. The driver was later found nearby hiding “in some brush,” according to the New York Post.


It must really suck for somebody out there knowing millions of their dollars and potentially some very valuable information was in the hands of somebody who got caught speeding in a Kia.

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Anyone else ever have the train of thought about “I just put something in the car that notably increases the value of the whole”? Or, taken to the extreme, put something in the car of more value than the car itself? Like when I used an ‘89 Grand Marquis to transport a new 50" plasma TV, back when such TVs cost around $3K and the Merc was worth MAYBE $1000?

Along that train of thought... this has to have been the MOST valuable VW Passat EVER!!!!!!!!!!

If briefly.