Illustration for article titled Bomb Threat On US Airways Plane Actually Worst Birthday Prank Ever

A US Airways plane was sent back to Philadelphia International Airport this morning due to a call reporting a passenger had liquid explosives on board.


We have a source on the ground at PHL, and he just confirmed to us that it was a prank being played on a passenger for his birthday. Happy Birthday? UPDATE!

The US Airways flight was bound for Dallas when a call came in at 7 AM: A specific passenger on the plane has liquid explosives on him.


The plane was turned back to PHL and all passengers were taken off the flight. The man who supposedly had the explosives was detained. And guess what?

He had zero explosives. None. Nadda. Zilch.

While 70 people were inconvenienced for the morning, it sure as hell made for one memorable birthday and a story they'll be telling for years. Oh, and probably a big fine.

UPDATE: According to our source, the prank played on the passenger was actually called in by the passenger's ex-girlfriend. She doesn't sound all that nice.

Photo Credit: AP

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