From the "latter-day kshatriya warrior" section of the WTF? file comes a parking-lot chase and arrest scene from this year's Bollywood production Singham, which gives an audacious Mahabharata-grade boost to a dated action-flick cliche and looks oddly like the new Hawaii 5-0.

American cop-movie history has its share of legendary badasses, although even the most roguish loners tend to obey the laws of Newtonian physics. Let Bollywood show how it should be done: It's one thing to nab the perp while sporting the most unironic aviators and mustache this side of Nellis Air Force Base, but another entirely to do so by reaching up and grabbing the bad guy from a small Indian-market SUV as it arcs just so over your head.

Michael Bay can only wish he'd thought to do this.

(Hat tip to Disgruntled Rob!)