Bollywood Actress Prefers F1 Car to "Hot Hunk"

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Something you might not know about Bollywood actress and former Miss India Gul Panag, assuming you know anything about her, is that she's a self-proclaimed car nut and contributor to Auto India. And as an enthusiast, she couldn't pass on an opportunity to pilot the ING Renault F1 car. She enjoyed the experience so much she told the Times of India "I'd choose an F1 car to a hot hunk any day, again and again and again!" A woman after our own heart, though we can't claim to be either.

She describes the experience on her blog:

Before I knew it, I was being ushered towards the place where the car was parked. It looked beautiful. And so powerful. 580 kgs propelled by a V8 engine giving out 700BHP. Phew. I was beginning to get just a little nervous.


Next thing I knew I was in the car. I started the engine. The sound produced was like music to my ears. So loud. I started rolling out of the pit. And then I stepped on it. The responsiveness of the engine was overwhelming and the pick up knocked the wind out of me. I did a total of 9 laps over the course of that day. The track was very curvy with only a 400 meter straight stretch, but still managed to touch 180km/h. And I can say in all honesty, that nothing in the world could possibly have prepared me for what I was going to experience. Nothing. This day was clearly one of the most memorable days for me and it was definitely the experience of a lifetime.

[Times of India]

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