Body Shop Surprises Gay Student With Upgraded Version Of Vandalized Car

Jordan Addison is a college student at Virginia's Radford University, and seems pretty much like any college student: he goes to class, probably drinks, probably has goofy in-jokes with friends, has sexual preferences, and all that good college-era crap. Unlike most college students, though, he has had his 2000 Passat vandalized four times, once with the word "die" keyed into the side, and another time with homophobic slurs scraped into the paint.

All because some idiots don't like some part of Addison's life that's none of their business, anyway. Addison is gay, and the people that vandalized his car are, presumably, brain-damaged pants-fillers.


Still, not all people are such manner of trouser-soilers, as the fine people at Quality Auto Body and Paint proved. The body shop, along with ten other merchants to help cover the costs, completely restored the Passat to what appears to be better-than-new condition. There's some video of the reveal, and it's pretty satisfying to see.

While I'd always hoped that people, especially college aged people, were beyond this crap already, it's very heartening to see that there's still plenty of good people in the world to more than make up for the actions of a few depraved bed-shitters with medieval worldviews.

Oh, and also, as any gearhead will tell you, no matter what your problem is with someone, you don't mess with their ride.

(Thanks, Ryan!)

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