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Stories with Bob LutzAutoweek


Friend of Jalopnik Blake Z. Rong learned again that Bob Lutz is amazing.

August automotive exec Bob Lutz is a man of many stories. He chose one in particular to tell in front of an adoring crowd at the Petersen Museum's "Inside the Motoman Studio" — hosted by our friend George Notaras — that might've been apocryphal; might've been pure hokum, but it sure as hell was entertaining.

That's the way the rookie crumbles - Fox Sports


I'm a Danica Patrick defender, but I understand she has a lot of work to do to get near the front in NASCAR. But this takedown, well, it's overly harsh. Danica haters will lick it up, Danica lovers will not be so happy.

Danica Patrick isn't thrilled with her rookie year. Don't be fooled. By all measures that really count with Danica, it was a great year.


INSIGHT: Ganassi's IndyCar driver search, manufacturer change processRacer


Target Chip Ganassi Racing is having an interesting off season with the sudden retirement of Dario Franchitti and the switch to Chevy power from Honda. Marshall Pruett breaks down what's going on. Great read.

With a high-profile driver search under way and a new engine partner to work with, Chip Ganassi Racing is having a far busier off-season than anyone at the Indianapolis-based IndyCar program had expected.


This Is What Detroit Could Look Like In 2033 ... And BeyondThe Huffington Post


And now we look into the future, all the way to the year 2000.

If you've never been to Detroit and only know what you see in the news, a story about the city's future could seem confusing.

Detroit is bankrupt. Blocks once filled by families are all but dormant, and major roads remain lined with shuttered buildings that used to be shops, restaurants, bars and factories.

Yet change is brewing in the Motor City. New projects are targeting investment in hotspots like downtown and Midtown, and the city's neighborhoods could see major transformations under long-term plans like Detroit Future City.

Some of those changes are a long way off, but others are already under way — enough that we can take a peek at 18 examples of the Detroit of the future...


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