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Bob Lutz. This is a man. A man who says things. And he's not worried about being politically correct, as we saw in his description of Mary Barra.


As reported by Automotive News, Lutz was on the radio in Detroit last week to discuss the recent promotion of Mary Barra to GM's CEO, and he was pretty heavy on the praise.


He was also heavy on whatever this is:

I don't know if you know what she looks like, but she is medium height with an attractive, athletic build, nice face — she's not a little old lady with glasses; she is very athletic looking, very active and it's easy to imagine her behind the wheel of a car.

The host of the show said he didn't want any calls on it, but Lutz knew that some would be coming. And that because, as Lutz said, "Totally politically incorrect. We are not supposed to have eyes anymore."

Classic Lutz.

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