Bob Lutz Calls BS On BS Article

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Oh Bob Lutz, our man crush on you borders on the weird and this isn't going to help. We get a little tired of having to call out the media for their ridiculous articles about Tesla, so we're glad you could carry the load for a bit in calling out this nonsense with a simple response like this.


To sum up, some guy tries to claim Detroit is losing to Tesla because they're selling a small amount of expensive luxury cars to a small market and GM is discounting the Volt.


It's a nonsense claim (trust us, we know nonsense claims) and Lutz flips it over on him as if it were an Opel.

This is a little bit like saying that a new, exclusive, high-end restaurant in New York, with a three week reservation list, is "doing a better job" in the food business than McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and Pizza Hut combined, since the latter are all offering "deals".

The offending blogger obviously does not understand scale. Here's a nugget to help: The total of all Tesla cars ever produced since 2006, from the initial announcement of the electric roadster to the current Model S sedan, amounts to a couple of hours of GM's global production. The company's earnings from that effort likely amount to a similarly minute fraction of GM's business.

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When it's a battle between a guy who was a jet attack aviator and some guy with a Harvard MBA who is apparently from Chicago but curiously sports a mustache that makes him look like the haughty villain in a fish-out-of-water movie where a guy from the other side of the tracks lands in English high society, always bet on the jet attack aviator.


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Bob Lutz is a cranky P.O.S petrol-enabling douche nozzle. Tesla has made one car, the Roadster, which it has sold out. It has just launched (and delivered) an excellent car that puts many ICE vehicles to shame. Handling, acceleration, interior space, reduction of # of moving parts, reduced noise, simplification etc. In many ways, it is simply BETTER because of the from-scratch efforts.

Bob Lutz has a vested interest in Tesla's failure. Let's not imagine that he is a rational, detached observer of the car business. He ran GM into the ground. Other car makers have had many opportunities to make good cars. They have not done so with the electric car.

Exactly what is "nonsense" about Tesla beating the Major automakers at making ELECTRIC cars? Which GM electric car is better than the Tesla? Which Toyota electric car is better than the Tesla? Which Ford electric car is better than the Tesla. Make sure you cite specifics, as I would hate to use the word NONSENSE to describe your fetid argument.

Compare the iMiev or Leaf to the Tesla. Which would you rather drive?

Compare the BMW 528i to the Tesla. Same price. Which would you rather drive?

Compare the VOLT to the Tesla. Same question.

The almost-unanimous praise for Tesla from the car press doesn't mean that they will be a long-term success (although they appear headed in that direction). It just means they have created a car which is exciting and fun to drive.

Think long and hard about what THAT means to GM, Bob.