Boating Reliant-Style

We love the Reliant Robin the way we love a three-legged kitten. You consistently feel sorry for it, but it's impossible not to feel affection for the damned thing. Top Gear, of course, tried to turn one into a Space Shuttle, and the season before that they'd turned a Toyota Hilux, a Vanagon and Triumph Herald into amphibious vehicle. We have no idea whether this particular aquatic Robin still works as a car, but it seems to be doing a damn sight better as a boat than the ones fielded by Clarkson, Hammond and May. It doesn't explode, either, but we still kind of have a crush on it.


KittensAreHot: Mad Reliant Econobox Action [Internal]



i like this video because I know at least one of those onlookers used the phrase "... those looneys." or the word "Daft" in an english accent. Thats the funny. the rest of the video...not so much.

and that spelling for "ass", makes me crazy.