BMW's ReachNow Car Sharing Service Is Mostly Dead In Its Biggest Market

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ReachNow was BMW’s attempt at launching a car sharing service in Brooklyn to rival Mercedes-Benz’s Car2Go and the independent ZipCar. I saw “was,” because it is now (mostly) dead with the service saying it is “pivoting” from 250 free-floating cars to six cars. All parked in one apartment building.

The announcement came via ReachNow’s website, and the insane rate of crashes that happen in Brooklyn on a regular basis is at least partially to blame (emphasis mine):

Despite great interest and support from the community in Brooklyn, we’ve decided to pivot our business model to focus exclusively on our residential fleet services in New York and end support for our free-floating car sharing service in Brooklyn. The last day of service will be June 5, 2018.

This decision was made after the careful consideration of our ability to deliver the best service possible to our members. The challenging operating environment in Brooklyn - including high damage to vehicles and maintenance costs - means that it’s not practical to offer free-floating car sharing at this time. This will not affect our service at the Solaire.


“The Solaire,” in this case, is a single apartment building.

I asked our own Patrick George what his experience with ReachNow was since he lives in this fabled “Brooklyn,” and he said that despite never actually trying one of ReachNow’s Minis, one could indeed see them “on the streets missing bumpers and shit.” New York’s vicious automotive crucible has claimed one more victim. Triste.


But if you’re a ReachNow member in Brooklyn – and remember, BMW promised a lifetime membership –ReachNow would like you to know that actually, things are fine:

You’re welcome to use our services in Seattle and Portland anytime you’re in town, and if you call a residential building in New York home, we hope to serve you in the near future.


ReachNow did go on to say that it apologizes for the inconvenience.

RIP, ReachNow in Brooklyn.