BMW's M-ish Line Is The New Audi S

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BMW will expand their lineup with a new line of cars slotted between their normal models and their M brand cars. The special lineup will feature turbocharged diesel engines and be predominantly four-wheel-drive. I think you can figure out what rival carmaker BMW has in its sights.


The history-obsessed Germans at BMW claim the idea for something in between their high-strung M-cars and ordinary vehicles goes back to the M535 (pictured above)i, a faster 5 Series that was built alongside the M5 back in the '80s. It looks to us that BMW is just going after the profits Audi has been raking in with their not-quite-RS line of S model cars.

Expect BMW to debut the first two M-light cars from its new BMW M Performance Automobiles division at the Geneva Motor Show.


Photo Credit: Bruno De Regge

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Raphael Orlove

It should also be noted that these will be triple turbocharged diesel engines.