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When it comes to all-wheel-drive traction in German luxury cars, Audi’s legendary Quattro system has been proven itself by dominating rally circuits. Meanwhile, BMW’s xDrive has become a worthy challenger and a very popular option. But which system is better?

While practically every Audi on the market can be had with “quattro” AWD, not all Quattro systems are created equal. The model you choose will determine the type of AWD system you get. Audi has recently been criticized for shifting their Torsen based Quattro system to the new electronically controlled Ultra-Quattro. The reason for the switch may have come from the success of BMW’s xDrive.


A lot of BMW purists may look down on an all-wheel-drive car that purports to be the “ultimate driving machine.” But like it or not, AWD BMWs have been around for a long time and are here to stay and once you understand the details behind how xDrive works, you will see that it is a great solution for buyers who want that rear-drive BMW feel, with all-weather-traction.

The folks at CarThrottle have put together an excellent video that not only breaks down the mechanical details and differences between each system, but also come to some interesting conclusions as to who makes the superior system for everyday driving.

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