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Nothing is worse than overseeing your operations in Central America in last year's BMW X5, even if it is armored. It just makes you look so...vulnerable, even though you're invulnerable to small arms fire. Well warlords, worry no more: a limited number of updated BMW X5 Security armored SUVs are finally available. So cruise in style, completely legitimate businessman; you've earned it. Awesomely translated foreign press release below.

BMW X5 Security is the only vehicle in its class to that a completely ballistic level of protection of VR4 offers. Or: balls of hand weapons such as one .44 magnum, one .357 magnum and 9 a millimeter Luger ricochet on B4 the certified material of the car. The ballistic level of protection of VR4 has been tested and has been certified according to the European directives. Moreover the testing agency has tested at the request of BMW additional with short and long distance cannonadings under angles of 45 and 90 degrees. Tests also these endured BMW with liveliness, as a result of which the car also became in accordance with certified.

On the they panels, the roof, the front and the back of the car material of a special high performance fibre developed in the Netherlands has been applied. Some parts have been once more extra reinforced with a kogelwerende steel type. The windows have been made of security glass with a cross-section of 22 millimeter and offer also ballistic level of protection VR4. Moreover the glass has been laminated. If it break it remains on its spot, so that the inzittenden are not touched by flying round bits. The trunk barge has been also armoured and as a result, good and safe opbergplaats. There than 500 kilos luggage more can be taken along in.

attack alarm and camera ’ s
BMW X5 Security has equipped with an intercom system and an attack alarm. By means of the intercom is communicate with the outside world without doors or estimate to open. When attack alarm descends, all windows and doors are concluded automatically. The service of the system has been got rid of subtly behind a afdekplaatje. Thanks to the camera system the driver can see simply what behind the car happens there, without farmhouses looking at. The camera ’ s in the voorbumper offers visibility on what by the car happens there. As a result, the driver has more overview at for example to leave of busy parking places or narrow lanes. See the camera pictures to be on the posting of iDrive-controller that in the instrument panel are assembled.

Standard finished factory guard
All security supplies in BMW X5 Security are provided finished factory. As a result, are possible security supplies in and are introduced around the passenger compartment seamless. Balls or other fragments cannot penetrate therefore in the interior on critical points as joints and passage areas. To process the extra weight of all security supplies well, is special components of assume adapted. Thus among others the bump silencing devices, framework and software under hands were taken. Under BMW X5 Security special security links which go along even empty still up to 50 kilometres, have been assembled. And drive with a speed of 80 km/u on empty security links is no problem.

file assistentiesystemen
Standard BMW X5 Security has equipped rijdynamische the systems Adaptive Drive, what inclines of coachwork against goes and Active Steering, what ensures wheel precision still more. And could the brake strength of the car decrease, for example by extremely high temperatures, then intervenes dynamic stability control (DSC). Anti-fading the support of this system foresees the car in which case of extra brake strength. Security, dynamics and protection: BMW X5 Security it offers therefore all on premiumniveau. This car has been four-wheel-operated sport-loving BMW, but or with exceptional security supplies which BMW ’ characterises s security vehicles.

Thirty years experience
Only some car manufacturers have a tradition in the construction of armoured car ’ s. already more than thirty years is to BMW one of them and offers its customers exclusive, reliable and exceptionally safe vehicles. This because it is taken into account at the construction of each BMW Security, always all existing active and passive security aspects. If extra service for its customers offers moreover already wide twenty years special file skill trainings to BMW for drivers of armoured vehicles. Participants can choose from several training levels, depending on knowledge earlier acquired. The programme exists from theories and practice part where the participants learn handle the armoured vehicles. The trainings are worldwide given by very experienced instructors.


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