BMW X1 Debuts With Abundant Skiing Tchotchkes

Illustration for article titled BMW X1 Debuts With Abundant Skiing Tchotchkes

The accessories convey the subtle message assuring everyone knows BMWs are still for a certain class of people as this BMW X1 made its formal debut fully kitted-out for a weekend skiing in the Alps.

We already know pretty much everything there is to know about the BMW X1, but this was the first time actual production models were shown to the public. The super-softroader comes with a range of engines in Europe, including a 2.0 liter diesel, and 2.3 and 2.8-liter gas motors, with only the big gasoline engine coming stateside. Expect every single bleach blond trophy wife at the Yoga center to have her very own copy by next year.


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BMW already makes a perfectly capable 3-Series wagon. Isn't this redundant?