BMW Wants In On Designing Four-Year Old's Car

The other day on Jalopnik we posted about an uncle who asked the greater Jaloposphere for help in designing his four-year old nephew's dream car. Eli, the little automotive visionary, specified 42 wheels, 19 Porsche engines, and that it had to be a BMW.


BMW isn't run by fools, and they want in on this lucrative four-year old "Eli" market, badly. So, on their Tumblr they featured one of the submitted drawings (nice job, claiborne) and stated that BMW would soon be submitting a sketch of their own.

I'm guessing they've pulled all their designers of all current projects to draw these, and from that pool they'll select the best one. The worst one will probably end up fired. That's just how it goes.

No comment was made on the stipulation that all 19 engines be sourced from Porsche.

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