Pictured: Regular BMW M2 Coupe
Pictured: Regular BMW M2 Coupe

Oh, hey, look: it’s the BMW M2. You’re aware of this car, yes? A rear-drive, two-door and 365-horsepower sporty thing for tracky stuff. You get nice creature comforts inside, but BMW is now pulling a Porsche and taking them away and then selling that simplified version of the car to you for more money.


It’s called the BMW M2 Performance Edition, according to BMW forum Bimmerpost which looks like it got the information from a dealer. Sure, you’ll get some cool tracky shit like:

  • A tuned coilover suspension system
  • Titanium exhaust tips
  • M Performance exhaust
  • Black kidney and side grilles and mirror caps
  • M Performance illuminated door sill (!)
  • LED door projectors with customer “Performance Edition” image (!!)
  • Good and totally not mockable track day cred

Here’s what BMW is taking away from you:

  • Powered seats, to be replaced with manual-adjust ones without heat or lumbar
  • Harman Kardon audio system, to be replaced with a HiFi audio system
  • Smoker’s package
  • Mult-zone climate control, to be replaced with single zone

The M2 Performance edition will be offered in both manual and DCT. There will only be 150 of them and they will all be white. They will cost $61,695—nearly $10,000 more than a standard M2. However, white paint!


From what I hear, the normal M2 is already very good. Why change anything? But if I know M fanatics, I know that somebody is going to buy this car. And I’ll never understand them.

Just, like, find a nice BMW 1 Series Coupe?

Update: A BMW spokesperson confirmed the M2 Performance Edition and that both manual and DCT versions of it will be available.

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