BMW Might Do A Single Grille; Red Is Blue; Down Is Up

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Photo: Allcarnews (Instagram)

Some people are still laughing at the BMW X7’s super large pre-sneeze snout. I, for one, got over it when I saw the SUV in person. Then a few months ago, pictures of hilariously tall kidney grilles (are they even kidneys anymore?) came out and we cried. Now, there’s this shit.


Justin over at @allcarnews just sent this over to me, and while we’ve already seen that picture of the grey car in that IG post, the giant single-opening grille image is new to me.

My god, they’ve really done it. If this “leaked” photo is an accurate depiction of a future BMW product, the automaker’s signature akimbo kidneys have finally swelled so dramatically that they’ve merged into a single, monumentally wide grille.

What a time to be alive.

I shot one of my contacts at BMW a note, but I’m guessing the response will be something along the lines of “can’t comment on future product.”

I don’t really care about BMW to be offended by the loss of Brand Identity, though I’m sure that will be a complaint among enthusiasts. It certainly blows my mind that the company would stray from a design element that’s been synonymous with its emblem for so many years, though.

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